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Welcome to the Zone 34

Female Athlete Hub

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive care tailored specifically to the needs of active females of all ages.

We understand the unique challenges and requirements that female sporting and artistic athletes face in optimising their health and performance.

All females at every stage of life should have the same opportunity for any desired activity.

At different life stages, considerations for activity and risk of injury need to be made holistically.

Optimal cardiovascular, bone and hormonal health require a multidisciplinary approach to achieve their health and activity goals.

The considerations for a prenatal exercise regime will require a different approach to a perimenopausal or post-menopausal female. The different life stages of each female athlete displays different challenges but should never impede the desire to get and stay active for long term health benefits and feeling good.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a part time dancer at risk of bone injury, a new mum wanting to get back to exercise safely or a menopausal woman wanting to continue to exercise effectively, we will support you every step of the way,

We take a holistic approach to health and performance, addressing not just physical injuries but exercise habits, nutritional, psychological and lifestyle factors that impact athletic performance

Our clinic provides a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing their health concerns and goals.

our clinical team with a special interest in female athletes:

Nicole Baer (Sports and Exercise Physio) | Rebecca Hay (Sports Dietitian) | Giselle Rodrigues (Womens’ Health Physio)

Zone 34 Female Athlete Hub team

Nicole Baer

Nicole Baer

Giselle Rodrigues

Giselle Rodrigues

Women's Health Physiotherapist

Rebecca Hay

Rebecca Hay

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