When it comes to nutrition to improve the quality of life and performance there is no magic pill or a one size fits all meal plan. Our dietitian will work with you to develop an evidence based approach individualized to your goals and situation.

Appointments are one to one, with 50 minutes for an initial assessment and 40 minutes for follow ups.

Telehealth consultations are also available.
Come and see our accredited practicing dietitian for advice on:


  • Improving athletic performance

  • Medical conditions requiring nutritional therapy

  • Supporting health and activity with food

  • Disordered eating / eating disorders in athletic population

  • Vegetarian and Vegan eating

  • Pregnancy and post-natal nutrition

  • Initial / Extended Consultations (allow 50 minutes)
  • Review consultation  (40 minutes)

Telehealth video consultations are available. Please contact us to discuss.

Medicare benefits can be claimed if you have been referred by your GP on an EPC plan or an Eating Disorder Plan.

Zone 34 Sports Dietitian

Rebecca Hay

Rebecca Hay