Zone 34’s  Dance Physiotherapy services are headed up by Nicole Baer, a Sports Physiotherapist with a special interest in Dance Medicine.

Nicole completed her Masters in Sports Physiotherapy under the guidance of Dr Sue Mayes, the Principal Physiotherapist and Medical Manager of The Australian Ballet, and she has been working with the Company during their Sydney Seasons. She has been the In-House Physiotherapist for the last 3 years at Classical Ballet 121 and has over 20 years experience in private practice.

Nicole enjoys working with dancers of all ages and abilities and will develop tailor-made injury prevention and management programs, communicate with dance teachers, and empower dancers with knowledge of their bodies and how to care for them.

Pre-Pointe Assessments & Screening Sydney

Young dancers can benefit from our comprehensive pre-pointe assessments and dance musculoskeletal screenings to ensure that any areas of concern are addressed.   Nicole will provide a detailed report outlining the results of the assessment and recommendations to dance teachers to ensure the continuation of the care of the dancer back into the studio.

The Zone gym space includes a ballet barre, a pilates reformer, and a large gym space to allow a thorough assessment and rehabilitation of dancers of all levels.

Zone 34 Dance Physiotherapists

Nicole Baer

Nicole Baer