The Strong Bodies sessions are run by our Rehabilitation Physiotherapist, and are an ideal way to exercise in a safe environment with guidance and supervision.

The small groups are perfect way to complement 1:1 sessions with your treating clinician.

Strong Bodies groups will allow you to safely progress gym based exercise, with progressive load using our gym equipment and free weights.

Conditions that would benefit include:

  • Recurrent back pain
  • Tendinopathy and Tendon Repairs
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pre and Post Surgery  or Fracture
  • ACL rehabilitation
  • Young Athlete Development

We strongly believe that exercises need to be tailored to each individuals goals, injury and medical history, and current level of function.  This is why we have developed our small group sessions  which blend the community and consistency that classes bring, whilst ensuring each individual is also able to work on what they need the most.

  • Identify and discuss your exercise and fitness goals
  • Complete a detailed medical and musculoskeletal history
  • Assess current exercise and lifestyle behaviours
  • Review your current fitness and injury status
  • Conduct objective measures which may include isoemtric strength, functional tests, or performance based measures

The small group classes are 50 minutes long, with a strict limit of 3 participants in a session.

Every Strong Bodies class will include targetted warm ups and prehabilitation to work on mobility, stability and muscle activation.

Our rehabilitation physio will then help coach you through your individualised program, that is provided by one of our expert clinical team



  • Benefit from tailored individualised exercise programs
  • Enjoy rehabilitation with a community feel
  • Bring a friend !
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  • 12 x Rehab Group sessions*
  • (*Valid for 4 months from date of purchase)
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(As Term 1 2022. Subject to change)

  • MONDAY 1030am

  • TUESDAY 730am

  • WEDNESDAY 1030am

  • THURSDAY 730am

  • FRIDAY 1030am, 4pm

  • SATURDAY 830am

About the Group Rehabilitation Classes

What are Zone 34's group rehabilitation classes?

Our small group sessions include:


Strong Bodies

Athletic Knees

With a strict limit of 5 participants per session these classes consist of targetted warm ups and activition exercises, followed by supervision of your individualised program.

What do I need to bring to the class?

All participants must bring their own towel and drink bottle.

If you have your own exercise program accessible on a phone app feel free to bring that along.  However our rehabilitation physiotherapist will be able to access your program and display it on The Zone gym TV for ease of access during the session

Most importantly bring your enthusiam and smile!

What should I wear for gym sessions?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement.

We have a accessible toilet with plenty of space if you wish to change at the clinic.

Are the sessions eligible for private health insurance rebates?

The group session item code 560 is applicable to all group sessions.

Contact your insurer to confirm the level of cover they provide.

An itemised statement will be provided at the completion of the purchased sessions to assist with insurance claims.

Should I have a physio or exercise physiology review after completing a block of sessions?

Adaptation and improvements related to exercise start to plateau without new stimilus and progressions.

With an appropriate program, you capacity and function should change over time.  This is especially true for anyone attending our classes as part of injury or post surgery rehabilitation.

During the 1:1 review our clinicians will seek your feedback on the recently completed exercise program, discuss your goals for the next training block, and re assess your injury and current function.

This allows for a new exercise program to be written up, and also communicated to the Rehabilitation Physiotherapist prior to your next group session.

Do the Rehabilitation group passes expire?

All of our group sessions (GLA:D, Strong Bodies, Athletic Knees) passes have a 4 month expiry.

This allows for some flexibility around work and family commitments, illness or holidays.

As regular exercise is essential for improvement we recommend that you commit to regular sessions.  For some people that may be three sessions a week, and for others it may be once a week.

Why do I need to book in?

As our rehabilitation group sessions are limited to 3 participants per class, it is essential that you book in to reserve your place.

Unfortunately we will not be able to accomodate anyone who turns up without notice.

Please contact us with 24 hours if you are unable to attend a booked session. This will allow us to offer the spot to another member of our community.

How much notice is required to cancel attendance at a session?

Please contact us with 48 hours if you are unable to attend a booked session. This will allow us to offer the spot to another member of our community.

We understand things crop up, like illness and work commitments. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unavailable to attend on the day.

Due COVID-19 we ask anyone with any respiratory or cold + flu symptoms to isolate, and reschedule for a group session after returning a negative COVID test.

How will the Rehabilitation Physio help supervise and coach the session?

The Rehab Physio will run the group warm up and coach the key themes for each session. They will then help each individual complete their individual exercises and provide feedback on technique as needed.

If you aren’t sure where any equipment is, just ask!

For anyone less confident in a gym environment, or performing new exercises for the first time, the rehab physio will guide you through.

Each individual will have different preferences for the amount of coaching and feedback they want whilst exercise.  Please let us know what works best for you.

How can I join?

Initial assessment with one of our physiotherapists or E.P is required prior to attending a group session.  This will ensure you are provided with a bespoke program that targets your goals.

Once you have had this initial assessment and have been provided with a tailored exercise program, speak to reception to reserve your session.

Health Fund rebates?

The group session item code 560 is applicable to all group sessions.

Contact your insurer to confirm the level of cover they provide.

An itemised statement will be provided at the completion of the 6 weeks to assist with Insurance claims.

Call us on 02 9056 0850, or book in online to arrange your initial assessment.