Spanish Squat Straps

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Spanish squats are a great exercise to help load the quads and reduce anterior knee pain. Research has shown Isometric Spanish squats to be an effective exercise to help reduce pain related to patella tendinopathy (“Jumpers knee”).

Elite athletes, in particular basketball and netball players, commonly perform these isometric holds are part of their warm up to help reduce tendon symptoms  prior to playing.


Zone 34’s custom made Spanish squat straps are made from polyester webbing, are lightweight, tough and ideal for putting in your gym or court bag.
The 23cm diameter loops are larger enough to allow even the biggest size 16 foot to fit through easily . The  230cm long strap is designed to allow convenient use wherever you need it. Loop around squat racks, a strong teammate, courtside seats, and even the netball post or the basketball stanchion base.

Feel free to contact our expert basketball sports physiotherapist David to learn more.

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Dimensions 23 × 5 × 3 cm