Return to Sport Plans




Would you benefit from a detailed, bespoke Return to Sport rehabilitation programs designed around your injury, goals, and training?

Designed by David Hillard, Basketball.Physio and head of Medical Services with the Australian Boomers, these programs allow athletes around Australia and the world benefit from integrated rehab plans provided to professional athletes.  Complete with :

  • Expected timeframes based on tissue healing and meeting appropriate physical milsetones
  • Physiotherapy and Medical recommendations and goals
  • Strength and Conditioning modifications and ideas
  • Team and Individual training ideas
  • Rehabilitation running programs

Further input into this Return to Sport plan will be encouraged by Coaching staff, and S+C coaches.   Progress through each stage should be monitored by an appropriate health professional such as a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist.

These detailed return to sport plans are available following consultation with David Hillard. For athletes based out of Sydney Telehealth video consultations are available.