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Simon Hall, Zone 34 and Sydney Kings physiotherapist, demonstrating thumb spica taping. This technique is commonly used to manage injuries or instability of the 1st MCP joint.

One common thumb injury in is a Ulnacollateral ligament sprain (skier’s thumb), which can occur due to contact with an opponent, the ground or even a ball.

For any new injuries or ongoing pain, please see a Sports and Exercise Physiotherapist, Sports Physician, or suitably qualified health professional for a diagnosis and a management plan. Higher grade (2-3) ligament injuries may need imaging, splinting or speciailist review.

If you experience skin reactions to tape, be sure to apply the hypoallergenic tape (such as Fixomul mentioned in the video) liberally, so that the brown tape does not touch your skin. If you develop a reaction remove the tape immediately.

Taping techniques can be useful for symptom management, but should be seen as an adjunct to a thorough rehabilitation plan.

Have you had a finger injury instead?  Take a look at the check rein technique shown over at

If you have had a injury and would like advice on the next steps, contact us on 02 9056 0850 or book in online via BookZone34.

For most hand injuries we recommend seeing our expert Hand Therapist Gloria Spratt