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A return to training is hopefully just around the corner for a lot of sporting codes… a nice reward for the great work Australians have done during the last 6 weeks.

A short pre season leading into competition is a recipe for a spike in soft tissue injuries. The TIME IS NOW to get back into an exercise program aimed at reducing the risk of injury. To get a head start on your programming start off with a sports specific musculoskeletal screening by one of our physiotherapists. This screening is further individualised based on your past injury history.

Simon is demonstrating just a few tests we can perform with our AxIt push/pull dynamometers and force plates.

Our team have experience in elite sports  and we have developed screenings specific to each sport. Zone 34 clients undergo the same testing procedures that we utilise with Australian basketballers, the Sydney Kings, Netball NSW athletes, and have successfully used with NEAFL and Football NSW players.

We will provide you with a individualised program targetting any assymmetries or evidence based risk factors, and provide recommendations on safely increasing your weekly training loads.

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