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Looking to build lean muscle mass and get more out of your training?

Ellen Gleeson, Zone 34’s resident  Accredited Sports Dietitian has put together some tips to help you build lean muscle mass in time for summer, and get the most out of your training.

Muscle mass is influenced by many factors including genetics, training and nutrition.

With an increase in training schedule, your energy and carbohydrate intake will need to increase to achieve muscle gains.

The body can only utilise so much protein at one time. Use smaller frequent meals to consume protein gradually throughout the day.
For workouts up to 60 minutes there is no need to consume protein or energy during the exercise session.

Remember protein is in food.
  • Great sources of dietary protein include meat, fish, eggs, legumes, yoghurt, cheese, nuts, tofu.
  • You don’t need to rely on protein powder.
Be wary of muscle building products.
  • There are so many products available – not all are worth the money!
  • Professional athletes must follow strict regulations around supplement use as it is the athlete’s responsibility to avoid banned substances.
  • Recreational athletes can use a much broader range of products to support their goals though it is still best to be cautious and get the right advice before choosing a new supplement.
  • Get good advice from someone reputable and reasonable.

With the AFL season now over, Ellen is now available Saturday mornings.

If you’re struggling to meet your body composition goals or need individualised advice, contact us or jump online to book a consultation.